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1981 Fleer #481 Kirk Gibson RC – Detroit Tigers


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  • Over 30 Years in the Sportscard Industry!
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    2001 Topps #382 Golden Moments Kirk Gibson Baseball Card – Hits Dramatic Two-Run Home Run for Dodgers in 1988 World Series Game 1


    • Near Mint to Mint condition
    • Comes in a protective top loader for its protection and to display

    Kirk Gibson Home Run


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      Framed Kirk Gibson – Celebrating with Evans Black and White – Autograph Replica Print


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      1989 Upper Deck Baseball Card #633 Kirk Gibson


        Kirk Gibson


          Kirk Gibson (Baseball Card) 1981 Topps – [Base] #315


          • Sport: Baseball
          • Great for any Kirk Gibson fan
          • This is a collectible trading card.

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          Kirk Gibson


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