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Foot Massager Roller Ball & Arch Support – Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Arch Pain, Heel, Muscles, Stress, Flat Feet, High Arches – via Relaxation Reflexology Acupressure & Copper Compression Braces


  • IMPROVE YOUR MOBILITY with our Foot Recovery Set. Arch support braces, spiked massager and 2.5″ smooth lacrosse ball alleviate pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, flat or overworked feet, high/low arches, neuropathy and arthritis, tendonitis, ankle and knee discomfort.
  • WIDER 8″ ROLLER with higher acupressure spikes deliver extra stimulation of heels and fallen arches. High density foam won’t crush down under weight, yet is more pliable and comfortable than wood or plastic.
  • COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION by our thin and supportive arch bands provide immediate relief when standing, walking or running. These low-profile sleeves can be worn barefoot, with most shoes or sandals, with or without socks. One size fits most.
  • TRIGGER POINT massage roller ball lets you apply firm pressure to untangle stubborn muscle knots and stimulate circulation. This smooth myofascial release ball is ideal for intense foot stretching, yoga exercises and relieving tension in calves, glutes, back and neck.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE reflexology tools offer total-body relief from muscle aches and pains. Use them at home, keep a set at the office, or add them to your carry-on bag for on-demand massage therapy wherever you go.

Check the warranty of foot massage tool relieve products

Do you know the benefits of buying a warranty with your purchase? If not, you should not buy online. They are important to have on any product that you buy. A lot of people don’t realize how useful it can be until they actually need one! Many types of products come with warranties in order to help clarify which ones do and which ones don’t. You should know why should it have a warranty:

   1) A product that comes with a warranty is more likely to last longer
   2) A product that comes with a warranty will not let you down when it matters most
   3) Warranty products are inspected before they are sold, so the quality of the product is higher than one without a warranty
       Warranties can be used as an indicator for what type of person someone might be – if they don’t want to spend money on something, then they probably won’t care about their purchase       either way
   4) If your car breaks down and needs repair, you’ll need to pay for the repairs yourself unless you have purchased comprehensive coverage or roadside assistance
   5) You should always buy things from reputable stores because these stores are more likely to have warranties on their products

Warranty is so important, look at the detail of the warranty before buying it.

Filwahgo Acupressure Insoles Massage Slippers Sandals for Men Women Foot Massage Tool Portable Foot Massager travel, Relieve Neuropathic Back Pain and Improve Blood Circulation Gifts for Mom and Dad-M


  • Reduce pain: Adhere to the use of accupuncture massaging mat insoles help to relieve low back pain; migraine; foot pain caused by pedicular fascia, arthritis, neuropathy pain relief for feet.
  • Pressure massage is more comfortable: Shoes inserts for plantar fasciitis for women stimulating foot acupuncture points help to improve body blood circulation, enhance overall health, improve exercise or running recovery time. Enjoy a foot massage all day.
  • Lightweight and durable: a cushioning function with full foot, soft and comfortable insoles is ideal for daily use and sports.
  • Portable Foot Massager: Let your shoes become massage shoes. This massage insole is suitable for work boots, casual shoes and sneakers, open toe slippers, sandals.
  • Easy to clean: This foot massage insole is made of rubber; the air pressure particles are evenly dispersed in the insole. Wash the water, easy to take care.

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yijiajie Foot Massager Roller for Relief Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Muscle Tension and Pain Massage, Foot Massage Tool Relieve Arch PainRelax Shoulder Relief and Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Hand(2PC)


  • Say Goodbye to Foot Pain: The spiral shaped acupressure reflexology design, Perfect even for high foot arches & diabetic foot issues. Specifically designed to elease tight and knotted muscles, deliver relief from sore, heel pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • Multipurpose:These manual massage tools are not limited to the feet, but can also be used on the hands, shoulders, back and neck. They are perfect massage tools for relieving muscle pain.
  • Safety Material: Made from safe, Non-toxic, No chemical smell TPR and PVC material and easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Portable Size: Its compact design (5.7″*1.6″) let you take it anywhere & anytime and allows you to relax and unwind wherever you are.
  • Risk-free Service: We will replace or refund your purchase if you are not satisfied with your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us.

ChiFit Foot Roller Massage Ball , Reflexology Foot Massager Tool, Plantar Fasciitis Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy ,Acupressure Trigger Point Therapy , Heel Arch Arthritis ,2 Rolles and 1 Spiky Ball


  • Purpose : Improving foot mobility with Chifit foot recovery unit ,Plantar fasciitis Relief,Shiatsu massage,Sore Feet , Foot arch & heel pain
  • Characteristics :Ergonomically arched designed according to the curved of the foot
  • Use Crowd : Constantly on their feet daily ,Rejuvenate tired ,Sore feet,Foot stretching, Yoga exercises
  • CONTAIN : A Pair of foot roller ! You can roller them at the same time which will save much time of you !
  • Bonus : One high quality spiky ball inside ,gift packing , enjoy THE FOOT ROLLER KIT NOW!!!

Acupressure Reflexology Socks Foot Massage Sock Relieve Tired Physiotherapy Socks with Massage Tools


  • RELIEVE FATIGUE: The foot has over 7,000 nerve endings, also known as reflex points. When various reflex points are stimulated, that induce a healing response. So, When you are tired physically and mentally, you can use a massage stick to massage the corresponding acupoints, so that your fatigue will be released throughout the day. Let you more healthy, more comfortable, to meet a better tomorrow.
  • QUICKLY IDENTIFY REFLEX ZONE: These foot massage socks show the correct position, allowing you to find the correct massage area. It is also very suitable for beginners to quickly understand the essentials of reflexology. Use easy-to-follow diagrams and find the corresponding organs and systems of the body.
  • PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH: Through repeated practice, these energy-blocked channels can be cleared, and release this energy flow to thereby improving overall health. It can be used at home or in a massage salon.
  • HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE: Acupressure reflexology socks size: 21 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm (Stretchable to 28cm/11 inch. One size fits most). The socks are made of high-quality cotton, breathable, moisture-wicking and comfortable to wear. The acupoint massage socks are durable, long-lasting, wear-resistant and not easy to break. We gave away two massage tools to help you massage your feet better.
  • PREFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE: FASHIXD is a registered brand on Amazon, we are always make the greatest efforts to provide our customer 100% satisfaction products and friendly customer service. If you have any problem with our acupressure reflexology socks just contact us at any time and we will solve it for you at the first time.

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Pasnity Foot Massage Roller Spiky Ball Foot Pain Relief Massager Relieve Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Foot Arch Pain and Relax Shoulder Foot Back Leg Hand, Included 1 Roller & 2 Spiky Balls (Light Blue)


  • ♥Say Goodbye to Your Foot Pain – The protruding acupressure knobs deliver the same therapeutic effects of a deep- tissue massage, providing significant physical therapy and all-around pain relief. Specifically designed to relieve foot pain caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia and ball-of-foot pain.
  • [1 Foot Massage Roller Plus 2 Spiky Massage Balls] – Foot Massage Roller Designed to be 6.7 inch in length with 2.7 inch in diamete, PVC material. Durable PU and TPE protect the foot roller from losing shape. Environmental protection and no peculiar smell.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Perfect tool to relieve all sorts of muscle pain, not limit to foot. Can use toward legs, hand, wrist, shoulder and neck. Small and compact size let you bring it anywhere with you.
  • Acupressure Reflexology Design Makes it Effective to Improve Blood Circulation and Boost Lymphatic Drainage, Give Your Metabolism a Kick-start, Relieve Tight Muscles and Joints Pain, Treat Headaches and Migraine, Offer Good Relaxation and Regulation for Your Body, etc.
  • You can massage the feet or hands; before, during or after physical activity; for tight muscles and cramping; in conjunction with rehabilitation; complement physiotherapy treatment and so on. It will enhance body awareness; correct bad posture;increase blood flow to local areas.

Christmas Gifts Dual Foot Massager Roller – Unique Gifts for Men, Women, Mom, Dad, Teacher – Original Shiatsu Massage for Foot, Leg, Back – Relax & Relieve Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Stress Relief


  • Benefits with Foot Massager – Wooden foot massager consists of ten wooden roller bars, each of which has a concave and convex gear-like design that produces different pressure to enhance the stimulation of the acupuncture points on the soles, foot massager roller can greatly relieve foot pain,improve blood flow and help to relax and restore tired feet. Foot massager roller is very easy to use.The curved surface can be adapted to the massage of different parts of the body
  • Deep Foot Acupressure – According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the human body is covered with many acupuncture points and certain acupoints have a miraculous effect on specific diseases.The various organs and parts of the human body have corresponding reflection points on the foot. Massage these reflection points to regulate organ function and relieve pain
  • Applicable and Portable Foot Massager – It has been designed based on the ancient principle of reflexology. Foot massager roller is large enough for both feet, but also compact enough to easily store away or carry in a small bag. Use foot massager roller whether you are working, resting, watching TV or traveling. Wooden foot massager is an excellent and affordable option for those that prefer a natural and simple device to soothe foot or heel pain
  • Foot Massager Use in Two Ways – Acupressure mode requires you to place your foot completely on the foot massager roller, hold for a few seconds and then release. If you choose kneading massage, just roll your feet back and forth instead of pressing hard. If you want to have more benefits, you only need to do it several times a day, especially if your schedule is busy and it is difficult to take time to relax
  • Original Shiatsu Massager – MagicMakers foot massager roller with a lifetime guarantee. Foot massager is a pure natural wood massager, 100% Brand new and high quality. This roller foot massager applies pressure at all the relevant points of your foot penetrating the stiff and tired muscles and relaxing them. Foot roller massager made of durable and high-quality Theaceae wood. Foot massager roller is sturdy and stable suitable for all sizes of feet

Ryson Foot Roller Massage Ball for Relief Plantar Fasciitis and Reflexology Massager for Deep Tissue Acupresssure Recovery for PLA Relax Foot Back Leg Hand Tight Muscle, 1 Roller and 2 Spiky Balls


  • FOOT ROLLER REFLEXOLOGY – Both massage roller and the spiky balls can be relief plantar fasciitis and used on your hands, forearms, shoulders, back, feet, hamstrings etc offer a stimulating effect and increases circulation throughout the entire body.
  • PRACTICAL CONSTRUCTION – Made from safe, Non-toxic, No chemical smell, washable and durable TPR and PVC material, these massage balls and foot rollers are designed to last. No need assembly and easy to use.
  • TREATMENT PLANTAR FASCIITIS – This is great to massage tired achy feet and treatment plantar fasciitis. Just by simply rolling your feet on this foot massager times a day to treat muscle spasms, release tight and knotted muscles, relieve pain and pressure.
  • EASE MUSCLES SORENESS – the massage roller and balls are not wood quality so will not cause hurt or tickle feeling. Just enjoying gentle massage but useful relief muscle pain. This set is good for different use purposes.
  • INCLUDED 1 FOOT ROLLER AND 2 SPIKY BALLS – The Set with 1 Foot roller and 2 spiky massage balls in special designed exquisite box packing, easy sanitize and clean. Not only you can use at home, office, travel but also a good gift choice.

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Pro Plantar Fasciitis Massager, gua sha Massage Tool & Muscle Scraper Massage Tool. Relieves Plantar Fasciitis Pain in 3 Minutes. Guasha Massage Tool, gua sha Myofascial Release Tools, Massage Tools


  • ✅ #1 NATURAL PAIN RELIEF FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS— Finally, a professional grade plantar fasciitis massager for plantar fasciitis support you’ve been searching for! Enjoy the top pain relief method to relieve painful plantar fasciitis! This foot muscle scraper is the perfect foot and leg massager to give you unbridled relaxation on a daily basis. Stop suffering from daily foot pain using our Gua Sha Massage Tool.
  • ✅ GET BACK ON YOUR FEET FASTER! Looking to fully recover faster? Adhesions and muscle scarring are the only things standing in your way. Use our Foot Scraper Massager to eliminate your foot pain, unlock your mobility, and increase your range of motion. Say goodbye to muscle tension and immobility. Make a great scar tissue massage tool.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE— Even though we developed our Foot Scraper Massage Tool with athletes in mind, it works great for anyone looking to reduce foot pain arising from planter faciatis. Made with medical grade stainless steel and an easy to grip silicone handle, this scraping massage tool will easily become your go-to foot, calf massage, leg massager & scar tissue massager.
  • ✅ GREAT GIFT FOR RUNNERS & ATHLETES! Give the gift of ultimate relaxation, total muscle comfort, and foot pain relief no matter what workout they do! Your top athlete can use their scraper tool or gua sha scraping massage tool either pre or post workout. It’s instantly responsive, gives unbridled relaxation, and is easy to use in the comfort of your home. Makes a great addition to your existing gua sha tools.
  • ✅ RELIEVES FOOT PAIN WITHIN 3 MINUTES — GUARANTEED! We put our money where our mouth is! Use your guasha massage tool, and if you don’t feel pain relief in your feet, shin splints, tendons, shoulders, or neck within 3 minutes, we’ll give you your money back! You can click on the yellow “Add to Cart” button with confidence in your results!

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